Thursday, November 04, 2010

Signing at Atomic Comics Nov 5th

Short notice I know, but I wanted to get it out there that I will be signing at Atomic Comics Mesa On Friday Nov. 5th from 3pm to 7pm. Steven L. Frank from 5Finity and writer of Zombies vs Cheerleaders with be there along with Ben Glendenning (aka Skulljammer) and myself will be on hand to do signing and sketches of ZVC comics and cards. I even hear that there might be a few exclusive comics and cards available to those who come out and visit us. I will also be bringing the inks from my ZVC #1 and #2 cover for exhibit. So if you have time come on out and get something signed or even just point and stare, we don't mind. See you there!

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mgeo said...

I wish I could make it...for the pointing and staring. Have a great time. Save some art for me.