Saturday, August 26, 2006

Back in black (and white)

Hey all. So I haven't updated in a while for a couple of reason. First, blogger was shutting down on me and not allowing my images to be published. I couldn't figure it out and so I waited it out. Seems to be fixed (for now). The second reason is because I have been helping a friend work on a comic that may be published by Image Comics later this year. I have been doing some inks on his work and I think I really like this. I may have problems with sequential storytelling, but I love doing the inks! So this is a sample panel from the comic. I will be sure to keep you posted as to the events of the book. Well, we will see if I will be able to post more later. If the Blogger gods are happy with me. Fingers crossed people.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Smoke break

So here are a couple of sketches I did at the art school I work at. The students went on a short "smoke" break and I took advantage of that time to get some quick sketching in. All of these are like 2 minute sketches using a ballpoint pen. I like the way a ballpoint works over the paper in a quick sketch. If you work at it you can get subtle value shifts and really bring out the character. That and it's a cheap medium. And man, do I love cheap.