Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010!

Happy Halloween folks!
Thanks for coming by the blog and checking things out from time to time. I know I don't keep up with this as often as I should (read: never update this thing). But I have been very happily busy as of the last couple of months. I did a few more sketch card series for 5Finity as well as finished up another comic with Matt Hebb. I will tell you more about that later when I have all the clearances to do so. Wonderdog inc. is now available to order from and another Zombies vs Cheerleaders will be out in November. I did the inks on this cover over the amazing Daniel Compos . This will be the standard cover for the #2 of ZVC from Moonstone comics. So please pick up an issue at your local comic shops. Along with the inks for ZVC #2 I added some of the sketch cards I did for the first ZVC release. I had an idea of doing a morbid Brady Bunch homage for these or possibly a year book like set up. I really enjoyed the characters that came out of these and may just make it a running thing for future head sketches on books and cards. But I felt they definitely added to the Halloween theme for this post. So check in more as I actually have a nice back log of sketches and ink samples to post in the coming weeks.
Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!