Tuesday, June 13, 2006

On Using Reference

I use reference for some of the images you have seen here and in some of my other works. I find it helps me to remember the land marks of the body. I tend to take my own reference shots so I have no worries there. But others I get from other media. Such as books, magazines, newspapers...etc. But I have a general rule of thumb with the images I get from the media. I believe they have to modified by at least seven different things. These can be large and small changes. I like to change more if the image "calls for it". By which I mean the story of the image compels me to change things.
I love using reference in sketches because it helps me to keep grounded in the anatomy of he figures and familiar with the way the shapes move in space. But this does not mean I only draw from said reference. I add quite a bit to my sketches to make the story more compelling. Much in the same vain as Dean Cornwell, N.C. Wyeth, Gil Elvgren, J.C. Leyendecker, and all the classic illustrators. Now if only I can get as good as those guys and gals.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Coffee Break

I decided to go back to the idea of size manipulation as emphasis in this one. I felt that giving her a large cup of coffee might help to show that she is very tired and needs a little "pick me up". I have had a lot going on lately and I have been feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. But hopefully I can get it together and start to be more regular. Not like with bran or anything....just with the sketching.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ooooh $#^% !

Some days you just feel like...welll... this. I didn't want to keep you all waiting for another sketch while I pulled it all together, so I thought I would give you a little view of how my days are going. I have been working so much and its so freaking hot here all the time. But who wants to hear me gripe about my work load. I know, I know.... more drawing and less complaining.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Back to basics

I could say I am sorry for making you few wait for a new image...so I will. I am sorry. As with most artists I get stuck some times and can't think of anything to draw or even want to draw. I have had this image scanned fro some time and I have held off on it. So this is as good a time as any I suppose. I will be starting a new job at the Art Institute here in Phx. So perhaps that will motivate me to get back into the swing and draw more. But at any rate I don't want to keep my fan(s?) waiting any longer.