Friday, September 26, 2008

The Mean Greens

Another headshot. This time I figured I would add the reason for spidey's senses to be tingling. Not too much to say here, more with the brush and zip-a-tone on Greenies cap and cowl. Working on a couple more of these. But I think I want to get back to more figure drawing. Maybe even use my ink brush work on some of those? there is an idea....

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I started doing a few headshots of some comic characters to practice my inking at work. I tried to use a brush pen to aid me in the transition from tech pens over to a mostly brush style. This is one of the products of those efforts. Then I added in some tone to give it a little shadow. I really miss the old zip-a-tone look in comics. I think we should bring that back, even if it's on a independant level. Eh, maybe that's just me. More to come!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sample minded

Here are the final pieces I can show of my SDCC ink samples. I had another set of samples I took of Wonderdog inc. But seeing as how that has had it's release date pushed back, I doubt (legally) I can show those interior pages. But as soon as I hear that it's a go, I will let you all know. These two covers are from Dustin Nguyen and Ed McGinnis. Again I chose them because of each of their complexity. I wanted the edgy lines in the Superman/Batman cover to contrast with the soft smooth lines of the Robin cover. The contrast of the heavy blacks in the Robin piece also contrasted with the heavy negative space of SM/BM. I don't think I will go about the next portfolio quite the same way. I will probably still try and add in a range of styles, but keep them in the same over all feel. The process of redefining and refining my inking portfolio will probably never cease. But at least I will have fun doing it. And I will learn alot along the way.