Saturday, July 29, 2006

Made to order?

Here is an example of how I think all of us feel some times. I tried to give her that worn out look to make the viewer sympathize with her. I wanted you to feel like you could take a couple of bags for her and change the way her whole day was going with a smile. So I am back from comic con. It was as always awesome. Highly recommend you all go some time.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Dead man's party

So here are some quick sketches I did while at work. I picked up a great book called The Skillful Huntsman while at the SDCC. I was experimenting with some zombie quickies and keeping it simple and only about 2 inches in heighth. Small, quick and dirty best describes these......and maybe smelly.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Been a long time...

So I know many of you (if there are any of you left) are wondering why I haven't updated in a while. Well I have a new job and that takes up all of my time and energy. I do my best to get some sketches and stuff done, but I think I have been a bit laxed in my efforts to keep up the blog. I am working on getting back into the groove. And I promise things will get better. The International Comic Convention in San Diego is coming up on July 20th-23rd. I will be there checking out the industry and hanging out with friends. I hope to see all of you there, if you can make it. Along that line I did an ad for the art school supply store that I work at with an old EC Comics feel. I was hoping to promote inking supplies to the students. But mostly it was just fun for me to create.