Friday, January 26, 2007

Celebrations and Salutations

Hi everyone, sorry for the huge gap in posting. I have been all over the place creatively and apparently none of them landed on the blog. So I guess I will have to try and make good on this for everyone's sake. start off the new year I have decided to post a color ill. These take me a little while to do so you can see why its been a bit. My model for this one is my nephew. And I found that even taking pics of a toddler is not so easy. So I had to use that old art school talent and piece it together. I think it turned out alright. But I am sure you all will let me know. I hope you all are doing well out there and I will do my best to get back on track. I even started to drop in on some more figure drawing classes to get back up to speed. If any of those turn out, you know I will post them here. Well I wish you all the best in the new year!