Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Student Bodies-inks

So In my absense I have been working on quite a number of projects from sketch cards, to pages, and even more inks on Covers for ZVC. These were the inks for the 6 page story I did with my buddies Gerrad McConnell, Matt Hebb, and then colored by the amazing Tracy Bailey. I assume it is safe to post these as they have been on shelves for 2 months now. So I will show you just the inked pages. Gerrad came up with a fun story and Matt's panel layouts were just great. I had a so much fun inking these and hope we get another chance to contribute to the book again. Like soon...wink, wink.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Spider sense tingling!

This one was done for Todd at Hero Comics here in AZ. His son is actually named Peter Parker and he is getting all these great Peter/Spidey sketches from all the artists he can. I was more than happy and honored to contribute to his collection.
I will be at Hero Comics for the Kids Need To Read event on August 13th. If your in the area there will be a ton of great and talented artist there to do sketches for just a $5 donation to this awesome charity. Come on by!