Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Inking: Before and After

I am taking a break from actual comic work for a bit to prepare for my wedding later this year. So in the mean time I will continue to post some works from the past and present as I fish them up from the depths of my hard drive. I always show my final inks for the work that I have been done and almost never show the original piece I started from. Here are the originals to these great covers by some great guys. Ryan Kincaid, Joel Gomez and Daniel Campos did a great job on these covers and it was a blast to do these. These can also show you how much an inker can really push on a piece. Some of these I stayed very true to the originals and some show where I was encouraged to go farther from my editor. Perhaps after this break that I have taken I will get back into inking more samples and covers.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Into The White.......

Here are the pages from the Pixies inspired comic book Break The Walls. I was very fortunate to get a chance to work with my best friend and long time collaborator Gerrad McConnell. I do not usually illustrate the stories myself but rather tend to ink as I have fun adding my abilities to far better story tellers. But in this case I illustrated the entire story. There will always be parts where I can feel it need further work, but in general I am happy with the final outcome. It has the large cinematic feel I was going for. I also liked how we kept the main characters face unseen so that the reader can better embody themselves into the experience. Also this helps to to illustrate the idea that this person has been unnoticed and ignored most of his life so who would notice if he slipped from existence all together. At least that is what we were going for. You the reader would have to tell us if we did our jobs right. Pick up a copy and let us know what YOU think.