Friday, August 24, 2007

More ink samples?

I decided to add another ink sample from this years con. This one was penciled by Joe Madureira and inked by yours truly. I had some aspirations to do a couple of original ink works for the blog, but it got pushed aside due to my current work load. The good news is that they are half finished.The bad news? I dunno when I will get back to them.
Anyway, I have to legally say that this image is included soley for the purpose of scholarly review.
Hopefully I will post again soon.....hopefully.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Post Con.

Well the Comic Con has come and gone, and I have to admit I am glad the stress is over. Had a tuff time working 40hrs, doing inks for a comic and trying to get some ink samples done as well. It's like working three jobs! But I think it went well.
My sample consisted of inks over a couple of pro's like J. Scott Campbell, Terry Dodson, Leinil Yu, Joe Mad!, and Cory Walker. Plus my inks over Matt Hebb, of course. The ink sample panel here is from Cory's work in a Spiderman story.
I talked to some people at the Con and got some reviews on my work. Some good and some bad. But it all balanced out in the end. Went to the top 2 (Marvel and DC) and did the drop off there. But got no word back, no worries. Went and met up with the team from Viper. Good things a coming that way. Met with Penny-Farthing. Seemed to go pretty well. Saw Top Cow. They didn't seem interested. But again, no worries. My friend Matt sent me to Darkhorse after he had a good review. Just to show my face and show my stuff. Seemed good enough. But you never know. And finally saw a group called Blind Wolf. They do kids style comics and needed an inker for a story. So I am looking forward to good things with them too. But all in all a pretty decent Con. Bought lots of books and stuff. So I am stocked up for almost a year and looking to get back into inking and sketching. After a little rest of corse.
Oh, and a few things added to the web site.