Friday, August 24, 2007

More ink samples?

I decided to add another ink sample from this years con. This one was penciled by Joe Madureira and inked by yours truly. I had some aspirations to do a couple of original ink works for the blog, but it got pushed aside due to my current work load. The good news is that they are half finished.The bad news? I dunno when I will get back to them.
Anyway, I have to legally say that this image is included soley for the purpose of scholarly review.
Hopefully I will post again soon.....hopefully.


Anonymous said...

That is fierce! I never knew the ninja turtles could be so sexy! I would throw in an applicable art phrase or five, but i don't know any....

StudioRisingStar said...

Jason Worthington!
It's been forever dood!
It's Brandon Robinson. Man I missed all your hip art work. Keep in touch man!

-Brandon SRS Robinson

Anonymous said...

man! you're just a tracer!!! j/k :)

Ahed Khatib said...

Holy crap. I totally remember finding these on the internet a long time ago and I kept them cause I always loved the pencil and ink.

Beautiful ink work man. I learned a lot just by studying your line quality and control. Glad I found your blog, I'll be sure to check in regularly. :D

Anonymous said...