Monday, August 31, 2009

"I have inside me blood of kings"

This will be my last Invincible piece for a bit. I have been in an inking slump for a bit and did this panel by Ryan Ottley just to get me back up and running. August always seems to do that to be. I think it's probably the AZ is so unbearable then that it just drains the life out of me. So I will be working on different artists as well as working on a couple of contracted things. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Another quick head study of Alan the alien from Invincible. All the characters from that book are just fun to draw. I find I can just sit down, quick sketch a head and it works. Fun character designs. Fun read. Good times!
Oh yeah. Just got another contract for a bunch of sketch cards. I'll tell you all more about it later.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Head trip

I thought I would post up another head shot since it has been a while and I need the practice drawing again. The good thing about inking is that I get better and better at lines, and get to study from people who are really great at drawing and cartooning. The bad part is that I don't get to draw as much.
This one is of Invincible. Probably one of the best superhero books on the market in my own opinion. This might not have all the punch I wanted in it, as I always seen to ink myself worse than when I do other people. I guess I take my pencils for granted and just slap ink on them. I should probably do more of this so I can try and work out those kinks.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Astronomical fun!

To switch up the inking styles I did this piece from Francisco Herrera's 3rd sketch book. I can't say I was ever into Astro Boy, but I do love Francisco's take on the character. I think Francisco has so much fun when he is drawing that it never looks over labored and care free. The fun he has with his drawings pores through in the drawing and comes out to the reader. Inking this one came easy and felt natural with the brush. I always worry when the drawings are smooth swooping lines that end in sharp angles that a pen might be better tool. But the brush gave me every ounce of control I wanted and still brought the sharpness to the angles. I may do more of this work as it was so much fun to do.

Friday, August 07, 2009

In the Inking maze

I took a shot at inking the always amazing Claire Wendling and her minotaur from the Desk book. This was really fun to have a go at. Because she draws with so much passion and energy. Every line was fun and intimidating to do, but I think I did alright in trying to keep that energy in the piece. I have been trying my inks out on some different pencils lately and have really been flying through them. I am learning so much and having a blast trying new things. Hopefully I can keep it up.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Process no recess

Well SDCC gas come and gone for this year. I can't tell you how great it was to speak to professionals and to see all my good friends all at once. This year didn't have us at a booth signing, but we did manage to shanghai a little time at a table to do some sketch cards for just a few people. I did managed to get an impromptu portfolio review with legendary inker Randy Emberlin and another with the great Sandra Hope. Randy spent a good 30-40 minutes with me and went through every single panel of my nine pages and talk to me about them all. He pointed out the good and the bad, but then went and told me exactly how to fix the bad. It was a great chance and I value every ounce of his critic, as well as the time I had with Sandra. I also did a portfolio review with a company named Stone Arch which went very nicely. But most importantly I had a great time seeing everything. Now I am back and trying to apply all that I learned and testing out new materials. Now it's back to the table and back to black fingers.

Oh, this is a sample from John Buscema and my process inking him. Planning to do even more of these, I personally get a lot out of them.