Monday, June 30, 2008

Fun with pen and stencil!

So a little while ago I got an art book of a graph artist named Banksy. If I can say anything about it I would say that you all should check it out! Now I know some of you are not into the whole graffiti culture thing. But do me a favor and look at it anyway. The unique way of how he thinks of the enviroments and how he can apply his piece in them was simply amazing. Page after page I was very impressed to say the least. So much that I wanted to do a stencil piece for myself. So, coasting on the high that is Banksy's art, I did a couple of designs. For this one I grabbed an image of Lon Chaney from London After Midnight and did a little graphic interpretation. I did this in a three fold process. I started with the sketch. Then took tracing paper and inked over that. Then took another piece of tracing paper and layed in the gray tones over that. I tried to think of it much as I would with doing an actual stencil. I had a lot of fun playing around with the shapes.
But sadly, it will probably never make it up somewhere.
Well...not by me....

Thursday, June 19, 2008

On your mark...

Finally got around to posting this one. I found sometime to get in another sketch and soon lost time as I am getting ready for the con. I will have more on that soon, I hope. We are trying to nail down some things for the book release. So as soon as I hear about them I will let you all know. Now lets see if I can manage to get another post some time in the next month.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

32 hands of Lohan

Finally we have finished the graphic novel! I am really excited to see it when it is all published. I think it will be a relief to hold a copy of the finished product in my hands. I can hardly wait! But now that it's done, I got to get back into drawing shape. I have been inking for so long it has almost escaped me how to actually put pencil to paper. So this is what all these hands are about. I have been practicing doing quick studies of my hand with a pen. One or two minute studies. This will hopefully build confidence in my line and quick decision making. I decided to do them in pen so that I can't stop and erase my lines. This way as soon as that pen tip hits the paper, I am fully commited to it. Good or bad. Sometimes very bad! I also decided to start with hands because they have really been a pain to draw lately. I will keep on doing some more studies and hopefully have a sketch to put up in the not too distant future.
But first I got to put some pencil/pen mileage in!