Thursday, July 31, 2008

Post Con report

Well, the SD Comic Con has come and gone. And boy was it great! This was my first year where I was at a booth signing my own book. Matt, Tracy, Scott and I were on hand to sign the preview editions of the book. We managed to sell out of all the copies of the book with no advertising. That means that the only people who were buying the books were fans of Viper comics. My hope is that this book will do as well with fans when it hits the shelves later this year. Matt and I were also on hand to do some sketch cards for people. This was a lot of fun to actually work right along side of Matt rather than doing it via the internet like we normally do. Matts quick wit and humor were evident with all the close ups of some of the more notable super heroes in the business.
There was also a good bit of scouting by movie and television types at the con. So who knows if something like that will take place. But all in all, the con this year was really something to remember. I look forward to getting back to work and inking up even more pages for Matt and the Viper crew. I also managed to drop off some sample ink packets with a couple of companies. Some rejections and some are still out. But no worries, I have plenty to do in the mean time. Well more to show and tell in the coming days and weeks.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Comic Con '08

Well it's time to go on my yearly trip to the holy ground that is the SDCC. This year the Wonderdog bunch will be signing at the Viper comics booth. So, if you wall want to come by you could possibly score a limited edition of the graphic novel before it's late Winter release. Matt, Scott, Tracy, and I will be on hand to sign the book and do some sketches as well. Plus all the amazing stuff to see this year at the con. Looks to be pretty crazy. Well hope to see you all there!