Thursday, August 03, 2006

Smoke break

So here are a couple of sketches I did at the art school I work at. The students went on a short "smoke" break and I took advantage of that time to get some quick sketching in. All of these are like 2 minute sketches using a ballpoint pen. I like the way a ballpoint works over the paper in a quick sketch. If you work at it you can get subtle value shifts and really bring out the character. That and it's a cheap medium. And man, do I love cheap.


Jody said...

You cheap sunnuva no good dirty sumthin'...summa... hrmmm... No good! That's what I sez!

ps: nice work. glad to see you've been productive :)

akt said...

u work at an art school? sweet!

there's an irony about an artist drawing artists... now only if you're drawing artists drawing artists.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jason:

It was great to see you at Comicon. Since then I went to Siggraph. Had a really fun time since it was my first time in Boston.

If you ever want to come to San Francisco, let me know. I have a big guest room. We'd love to have you.

Stay in touch. I check in on your blog from time to time. Your drawings are beautiful.


Anonymous said...