Saturday, August 26, 2006

Back in black (and white)

Hey all. So I haven't updated in a while for a couple of reason. First, blogger was shutting down on me and not allowing my images to be published. I couldn't figure it out and so I waited it out. Seems to be fixed (for now). The second reason is because I have been helping a friend work on a comic that may be published by Image Comics later this year. I have been doing some inks on his work and I think I really like this. I may have problems with sequential storytelling, but I love doing the inks! So this is a sample panel from the comic. I will be sure to keep you posted as to the events of the book. Well, we will see if I will be able to post more later. If the Blogger gods are happy with me. Fingers crossed people.


Jody said...

Hey great work on the inks mang! Though I thought you always avoided inking cuz you didn't wanna get stuck being one of those guys who did everything? Either way, I think it's great you're finally doing something! So will your name get put in the comic too? Or is this all like under the table? And call me some time honkey!

akt said...

bahahaha love it.

Anonymous said...