Sunday, November 14, 2010

Getting into shadow shapes.

Here is a panel from one of the many Batman books that Tony Daniel has done. I really love his gritty sense of story telling. I was a fan of his work way back when and now I really like the stuff he is doing for DC. I wanted a chance to try out the shading he uses with all the cross hatched lines and strong graphic black shapes. It has a sense of Kevin Nowlan influence to me and I like that.I will have to try more of these to really get a feel for the flow in his work. Very nice work.
I find these pencil works online and print them out to practice over. I would hope that no one has a problem with that. In the past have asked that if any of the artists do have an issue to please contact me here and I will remove said piece. But as no one has, I push onward always trying to better myself in the craft.

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