Friday, March 11, 2011

New ZVC stuff in stores soon!

I can finally show what I have been working on for the past couple of months. First up is my cover to Zombies vs Cheerleaders #3. This cover is an homage to great classic romance comics such as Young Love and Young Romance. I also joined up with my felow Wonderdog inc. team mates, Matt Hebb and Tracy Bailey, to do an interior story for this issue as well. Plus I was very lucky to have my best friend Gerrad McConnell write the story! But I will post later on how it came to be. The next two are my inks over some amazing artist Joel Gomez and Daniel Campos for Moonstones ZvC/Rotten Flips out book. These guys are really great artists and you should check them out! I was very honored to ink these covers for them and hope to get more chances to do it again. These books will be out later this month for the Flips out book and in late April for the ZVC#3. To see all the covers for these books go here. Please keep a look out for them and ask for them at your local comic shops!
I think this post has more links in it than actual text!