Monday, March 28, 2011

Horror in Black and White

Here are the black and white versions of the ZVC/ ROTTEN FLIPS OUT covers I inked for 5Finity. I have said it before, but these were a lot of fun to do! Having the chance to work on these covers with these two artists was such a pleasure. Joel Gomez did this image originally in a graphite and wash version. My job was to take it into a strict black and white for the colorist. I can only hope that I managed to do the image justice.
For the ROTTEN cover I was teamed up with Daniel Campos and Garry Henderson with whom I worked previously on the cover for ZVC #2. I always enjoy inking over Daniel pencils and find myself chomping at the bit to get started when I do get the chance!
Both these images were inked by brush primarily and Copic Multiliners for hard edges.