Monday, April 14, 2008

Haven't turned my back on you.

I would first like to thank all of you for coming back time and time again to this blog and checking it out. I know I don't update as often as I should. I should be able to load up ten times the work that I do here. Perhaps I should. But a lot of what I do is either not permitted (via contracts and such) or is kind of not good enough in my eyes to force on you all. But yet you still check up on me. For that I thank you so much. You all are truely great to me.
I do sketch a lot more than I post. I mean a lot more. I wonder if you want to see the random stuff I sketch. Some of it is graphic design oriented and some of it is illustrative. But I always think that because it isn't clean or good necessarily, that you don't want to see it. Would you only want to see the stuff I think is good? Or would you rather have more stuff and see a nugget of art wash up as it does sometimes? I post my doodles of characters from time to time, but I wonder if anyone wants to see those? If any of you have any feeling on this matter, please, let me know. Then I will take everything into consideration and see what I can do about all this.Thank you again for checking in.


Gerrad McConnell said...

I think any opportunity ti share what your working on will help expres your work to the audiance. Sometimes whatyou think isn't your best work will be something that others enjoy. If anything you will avail youself to critics on what you do post, that you can then apply to the things you contractually CAN'T post. Bottom line is that the more you post on, the more feedback you can get. You know that you have an audiance that supports you, give us a taste of the things you are doing.

StudioRisingStar said...

Hey Jason!
Great work as always! Take your time man. I would love to see the new stuff. Post whatever you can and will to.


Anonymous said...

i'm getting married soon. can you make it?

gammagoblin said...

Post it all :)

eltoromuerto said...

Hey all, thanks for the words of encouragement. I wanna post more of the random stuff and I just might do that more often. Sometimes they are sticker ideas and sometimes they are just crazy logos or whatever. I will see what I can do about that in a few days.

JC- send me an email or myspace with the info. I don't think I will be able to make it. but I wanna get you something little to celebrate. Miss you, man.

Anonymous said...