Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wonderful reveal!

Well for those of you that have ben checking up on me, I have been talking about this book I have been inking with Viper Comics. Well true believers, Here it is. This is Wonderdog, inc. For those of you interested there is a preview of the book at :
You can download the first couple pages at Wowio.com. It's free and easy. All you have to do is sign up for Wowio (which is also free) and you get to see it. The actual graphic novel version will be released at SDCC (or Comic Con International for you newbies.) I am realy excited to finally get some ink work in print. Matt, Scott and Tracy have done an amazing job on this and I think they are great to work with. I think we will also be signing copies at the Con too. So if you were thinking of going this year, you realy should. But check out the preview first and let me know what you think.


Gerrad McConnell said...

I like butter in my ass and lollipops in my mouth. And this. Congrats on finding your first stepping stones to success. I can think of no one who deserve it more. Proud of you bro.

Anonymous said...

Why the mention of us and not the fantastic job you've done on inks, you old modest so-and-so! You're the one who makes my crappy pencils look good! Just a few more pages to go and we'll have this thing in the bag!

eltoromuerto said...

Thanks Matt! This project has been a lot of fun to do. And I am definately looking forward to working on the next one. What ever that might be...?

akt said...

hey awesome work !

yay mr. worthington's first print job! WOOOOO!!! congrats dood! it's great to see your work stuff out there :D

I'm registered with SDCC as a pro, but dunno if i'll be goin' down there :( so i may miss out man :( :( :(

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, and now you've given me another excuse to make it down to SD. It looks great

Anonymous said...