Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Deep Sea-ted withdrawals

When I lived in SF and went to the Academy of Art the last place I lived was in the Sunset District. This was great for two reasons. One, I was near the SF Zoo. One of my favorite places to go take photos and be a lone. And two, was that it was near the beach. I think this connection with the ocean ran deeper than I had ever though of. In my recent drawings and illustration the water seems to be a common theme that runs throughout them. Much like this sketch you see here. Now I find this to be a little odd seeing as how I grew up in the AZ desert with no water in sight. In fact, I hate swimming. But for some reason I find that the ocean holds something for me. But what ever the case, I am trying not to do too many water related ills. I don't want to become anything like Wyland. That would be hell.