Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Yet another back shot? This is actually a sketch of a sculpture done by my favorite sculpture, Bernini. Its no secret that my favorite of all art movements is the Baroque movement. And as sculpture I feel that Bernini far out does any of his predecessors. That includes Michelangelo. Now I love Michelangelo, but the detailing of the modeled figure in Bernini's pieces is just too superb. The way the figures are handled and the softness of the way the marble is handled is the best I have ever seen. The flesh is treated in such amazing detail that I almost expect to see the figure exhale at any moment. But as for why I did a sketch of an already established artist? I use the forms to work out issues I have in my own work. Its like a constant reference for the mind as to the way to turn the figure in space. I tend to revisit sculpture pieces and do a lot of sketches of them. It is a dramatic step up from the act of drawing from a ceramic bust in the class room. Just away for me to continue my art education.