Monday, May 03, 2010

FCBD recap!

FCBD (Free Comic Book Day) was a blast! The event went well and there was a good traffic of people the whole time. This time Atomic Comics had printed up some over sized sketch cards for us to draw on for a donation of $10 to the Hero Initiative and each location had a different card. They came out really nice and make for some great collectors pieces. Anyone who went to all four stores here in the valley and got one from each were entered into a raffle for some cool stuff. I don't know what exactly, but I know I donated a sketch of the Swamp Thing to the pile.
I was pretty worried about sketching on demand, but once the kids and everyone started coming up there was no way I could hold back. I probably spent a little too much time on each sketch, but it was worth it to get those very pleased looks when I handed back the cards. I ended up sketching a wide variety of characters. Jughead, Sonic the Hedgehog, Jason Voorhees, Zombies, just to name a few. I included the sketch of Dazzler I did for my best friend Gerrad to show you what the cards were like.
In the end I had a lot of fun and met some great people. Everything went very smoothly and I was well taken care of. If asked again, I will definitely return next year.


Gerrad McConnell said...

one- GREAT sketch!!!
two- 35 followers?! when did you become a celebrity?

Jody said...

You look so angry and professional! Love it! SOOOOOO SAD I WASN'T THERE!!! And finally they release Henchmen! Dammit!

Jody said...

Oh yeah, and that was half a comment about FCBD and half ComicCon :)