Saturday, August 30, 2008

GO! Baby,GO!

Here are more samples I promised to show you all. These are on the more cartoony side of my inking samples. These are from Todd Naucks run on Teen Titans Go! Like I had stated before, I wanted a range of ink samples to show my flexability. Believe it or not these almost caused more stress than the more complexed comic pages. To properly and cleanly ink cartoon work it really takes a strong concentrated effort. The lines have to add more to the characters in the absence of value and heavy blacks. I will probably continue to try and ink a wider range of samples to excercise my abilities. And when I do I will be sure to post up what I have here. But I do have even more samples that I will post up soon. Those will be more in the line of covers. Plus I have a couple of sketches waiting in the wings to post as well. Until then hope you all enoy!


kymmface said...

very awesome. its always cool to see what you are given to start with and what it looks like after you ink it. kudos :)

Anonymous said...

checking out your goods...fabulous hand-work! The contrast in the details make these pages POP! I know the illustration is a guide, but do you visualize the "feel" before you ink it or does it just flow when your into the groove...I dig the impact of the dramatic edge & thickness of the spider-inks below.

Anonymous said...