Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Haring what you have to say.

Well I hope you all are having a great Holiday! I thought I would post my most recent Munny I did for my brother as a Christmas/birthday gift. I did it in marker, just to keep it in the true Haring fashion. And the heart on his chest is in red acrylic. I really like doing these. It's just that it ends up taking me a long time to do one. I simply don't have enough time to do as many as I would like to. But I do have the next one planned out already.
It might be a bit before I post again. Probably after the new year. Just so I can catch up on some work and get some more sketches done. That way it doesn't take me so long to post. Well, be safe out there kids.


Anonymous said...
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Chris said...

Hey Jason, It's been a while, I guess we are all busy. It's good to hear you've been doing some cool work, I look forward to seeing it. When Are you going to come back adn visit the good ol' SF?

eltoromuerto said...

Hey Chris,
I wish I could come back to SF and be with all of you. But I am like knee deep in the debt. But believe me, man. I want to. I would love to sit back and have a couple MGD's. Miss you, bud.

Anonymous said...