Monday, June 04, 2007

Team work!

There is no real reason for this one other than I felt like drawing a hotdog cart one day at work. I know it's a wierd thing to have an impulse to draw, but that's exactly why I chose it. And then I added the ants to make some kinda story out of it. Besides... who really gets a chance to draw a hotdog cart?


Anonymous said...

Re Hot Dog Vending Carts:

" A group of tourists wandered along the streets, their cameras poised, their glittering eyeglasses shining like sparklers. Noticing me, they paused and, in sharp Midwestern accents which assailed my delicate eardrums like the sounds of a wheat thresher (however unimaginably horrible that must sound), begged me to pose for a photograph. Pleased by their gracious attentions, I acquiesced. For minutes they snapped away as i obliged them with several artful poses. Standing before the wagon as if it were a pirate's vessel, I brandished my cutlass menacingly for one especially memorable pose, my other hand holding the prow of the tin hot dog. As a climax, I attempted to climb atop the wagon, but the solidity of my physique proved too taxing for that rather flimsy vehicle."
John Kennedy Toole

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