Saturday, March 10, 2007

Latest compulsion

For my latest set of sketches I have been kinda carried away with the idea of sketching cars. I can't say how it started, but when I started sketching cars I realized it's a little harder than I thought. I have spent so much time learning to draw people that I may have neglected my practice on sketching other things. So this is the first attempt at challenging myself to draw more than just people.


akt said...

great start!

REALLY great start! if you keep this up, you'll be a car sketching wiz in no time!

arrrrgh reminds me that i gotta start sketching cars now! :(

Anonymous said...

J, here's something that I found on the internet that I think you'll enjoy.

High resolution images of your favorite actress. You know who it is. Anyway, I expect a sketch of her posted on your blog from these images!

Anonymous said...