Saturday, October 21, 2006

Just the treats, please!

Ok all you goblins and ghouls, I want to extend my wishes for a Happy Halloween to you all. I hope you all do something fun for the holiday. And if your in SF, I expect you all to be at the Castro or over in one of the other many party spots in the city. And I want pictures! It was always a lot of fun to be in the city around Halloween. Lots of crazies and lots of laughs.
Well, I am still working on this comic book inking I guess I will head back to it. Happy Halloween all!!


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Jody said...

Happy halloween! What u goin as Toro? Myself? I'll be terrorizing the neighborhood dressed as Casey Jones! HUZZAH!

Unknown said...

Happy Halloween!
Your new stuffs looks awsome!

How's the inking? Almost done, I hear your in for more!

Megan Wolfe said...

Happy Halloween to you too!
Na, those of us in SF are really boring. Although Albert did make a stamp costume and run around his office.. that was pretty funny.
I hope you'll post a sample of the comic once you have some of it finished. :) I'm really looking forward to seeing some more of your inked works.

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