Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tall cold one

Sometimes when I am drawing I tend to get bored if the drawing is the same old portrait stuff. I mean anybody who can draw can draw the an image of someone sitting there and drinking a beverage. So just to mix it up I change the proportions of things. In this one I chose to change the size of the can. I felt it added a sense of story telling to the image. I think that is the difference between fine art and illustrations. Fine art hints at things, while illustration hits you in the face with it.


Anonymous said...

I really like this one... Though not as much as your brother with the ovesized gun ;)

Anonymous said...

Y'know I gotta add: I think it's awesome that you've actually been drawing. FOr awhile I thought you were like me and when I'd call you on the phone and you'd say "oh man I've been drawing like crazy!" what you really meant was "oh man I've been watching this fantastic gorilla special on the Discovery channel and masturbating like crazy!" so kudos to you Mista J.

Anonymous said...