Friday, May 05, 2006

On my high horse

So I was thinking of the farthest thing from water. And naturally the farthest thing from water is the desert. Now being a somewhat historical movie buff, I thought of the crusades. Mostly because they happened in the desert, and I didn't want to do another cowboy theme yet. So what I always think is interesting about the crusades is that one religion felt they had to conquer another one by going way out of their means and resources to conquer something and someone whom they barely knew about or understood. And in the end nothing good came from it, only death and sadness. Very relevant I think.


Oxkin said...

Here's what Eddie Izzard had to say about dem Crusades...

"And then earlier than that there were the crusades. The crusades were totally fucked. Richard the Lionheart, who had the heart of a lion as well as his own. He ripped it out of the lion, and the lion was left with a bicycle pump and not much to do. (mimes lion signing) "I'm a bit pissed off." He was going. And Richard, the idea was if he got stabbed through the heart he's still got his lion heart going and that way he could live longer. (writes on hand) "They didn't believe me."

But they went down to get the Moslems out, the Islamic people out of Jerusalem, I believe it was that. And they were hacking into them, "I kill you! I kill you in the name of Jesus." But the Moslem people, "No! Jesus is a prophet in our religion. We kill you in the name of Jesus." "Do you? I didn't know that. Jesus in your… oh right! Well I kill you for your dark skin, for Jesus was a white man from Oxford." "No he wasn't! He bloody was not! He was from Judea, dark-skinned man, such as we." "Really? Look, we've come all this way… Would you mind awfully if we hacked you to pieces? Just for the press back home."

So I think a lot of battles happened that way, you know. Alexander the Great, just steaming through Persia - took out Darius the third as we all know. And then he ran on… (someone heckles) What? Who? Just shut up, will you. I know one or two people have heckled, but I will kill you. If it's in the middle of a flow… what was I saying? Oh, Alexander, yeah, Alexander steaming on, and after a while his army's going, "Hang on. Alex, I think we lost 'em. You know, I don't know where we live any more, and we've killed most of the people we've met. So would you just like to chill out." And Alex is going, "Look, I'm 32, I'm gay, I'm on a roll. Let's go!" On you go."

-Eddie Izzard-
Circle 2000

oxkin said...

Hey so what happened? Like when you first started this there were all kinds of people leaving you comments, now it's just me. Where'd they go? Maybe you should draw more boobies? Some guy said once that any picture can be improved 100% with the inclusion of breasts. Frank Cho seems to understand this, as does J. Scott Campbell, and Jo Mad, and also AH! So maybe you need to just get on the boat there buckaroo?

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