Thursday, March 03, 2011

Missing Linx!

I just learned that another book I inked a while ago will be published through Viper comics! The Penciler and Writer did and interview with CBR and you can read all about it here. It is more of an all ages/kid friendly book, so it will be great for parents to give to their kids. Here is the information from

"DR. ERASMUS Q. BEDFELLOW is bent on releasing the creatures of the Fantasy Realm into our dimension, using the creatures of nightmares to rule the world. Only one thing stands in his way. An unlikely group of heroes – the result of Bedfellow’s last attempt to breach the border between realities – BIG FOOT, SASQUATCH, SKUNK APE and THE YETI."

Written by Dale Mettam, Art by Courtney Huddleston
72 Page / Color / Retail: $7.95
Diamond Order Code: FEB111188
ISBN: 978-0-9827117-9-8

Publication Date: April 2011