Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Comparing apples too.....apples

First try.

Second try.

It seems like I work more in the traditional style of illustration more than my fare share lately. I have been meaning to get back to doing colors in PS. So I did these apples a couple of days apart. The first I had limited photo reference. The second I did with an actual apple for reference. I guess this proves the thought that painting from life is always better than a photo. I'll keep trying to work with PS painting for a bit and see if I can get back into doing more colorful work. But I do love black and white ink work, so we will see if I can resist the temptation.


GERRAD! said...

Dude, I just can't get over how great that second apple looks. Don't sell yourself short, you should definately continue to work on drawing whatever you like, whether its on photoshop or more traditional illustration.

Stuart Ruel said...

ditto! that second apple is on point, both styles you do are great, PS painting would be a good idea, you seem like you have it nailed almost. Would be good to see some portraits maybe?

Billy said...

Wow... that um... I thought that second one was the photo reference eat first... I... wow. I bow before your greatness.

Anonymous said...