Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's a Mad Mad Madman world!

Continuing my stream of head shots, I give you Madman. I just love the simple design and clean way that this character is done. Even when I have seen other artists take on him, the style of the character always seems to remain clean and easily identified. I guess that goes a long way in saying how well Mike Allred created him. So in that vein... I happily throw my hat into the ring.


Jesse Mendez said...

Hi I was looking through profiles on blogger and found your blog interesting.

I want to become friends and I am welcoming you to come over and visit my art blog.

take care and hope to see you soon

GERRAD! said...

Dude I know I have said this many times this week but I really love how the hair turned out with the zip a tone shading. This is my favorite head shot of the entire lot.

kymmface said...

:P awesome stuff, as always. by the way, posted on my blog. and i promise from here on in, once a week i will have something new and exciting up :D oh, and i made some changes to my last post (the character for Halloween) if you could look at that and let me know what you think that would rock!! :D

somebody said...