Sunday, March 02, 2008

El Toro Muerto!

Sorry it's been while. I had a freak occurance with my Mac. It actually went down with a faulty ram. It turns out I was severely under powered in that department. So I took it in and upgraded the ram. And I have to say thank goodness for Apple care!
I also wanted to thank everyone for your feedback, You all had some really great advice. I guess I will keep on keepin' on and just see how it all goes.
I am in the last couple of months of the graphic novel I am working on. We have to be done relatively soon, so I may be very lax with posts. Possibly once a month. But I will see what I can do. And as I get closer to the end of the project I might try and get a little something out to you all as a preview. But for sure we are aiming for the SDCC as our launch date. And there may be a little something extra then too.
Well for now you can all enjoy some more doodles. This one may become my signature image......


GERRAD! said...

I really think that you should continue to post some of your dead thing images, for me they convey some of that signature look you were looking for, sort of your take on a Joe Ledbetter or Kozik urban art theme. Does that make sense?

ponz said...

Hey man I'm way stoked about this graphic novel! What's it about eh?

Megan said...

Hey you know what is cool?


Sharks are cool...........

eltoromuerto said... shall soon be very pleased.
Ponz.......Uh, due to my contract...I can't really tell you what its about, other than telling you it is called Wonderdog Inc. and I am working with Scott Zirkel, Matt Hebb, and Tracey Bailey. But if you want a hint, check out Matt's site.
Big Bear..... ........... :)

somebody said...