Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Do you ever have days like this? When it feels like you can't get going and you have to. Well here is the machine for you. Yes folks, its the Steamwalker 2000.(copyrighted) Yes, with the Steamwalker 2000, you too can get your sorry butt out of bed in the morning and march yourself to school or work and put a full days effort into something you probably wish you didn't have to do. And with this light weight machine ( only 900 lbs) you can be sure to move around with ease. Boy, just think what your friends will say when you walk up with this bad boy strapped to your back. And with the all steal alloy casing it will be as sturdy as your old locomotive engines of 1865. So don't wait! Call now and place your order for the Steamwalker 2000!
(7 easy payments of $6000 dollars in cash and unmarked bills required and sent to our account in a Swiss bank. All products of Shysterson Inc. are nonrefundable and user claims all responsibility for any damage the device may cause to user and or others around them.)